selected writing


Some of my writing appears in print here:

“Really, Mom?” — Ridgewood Press/, September 2015

“Fostering a Love of Music” — Family Fun Magazine, September 2014

“Sunday Morning in Upstate New York” — Green Door Magazine, Spring 2014


Some of my writing appears online here:

“4×6, 5×7, 8×10″ — Full Grown People

“Somebody Really Cared” — Mamalode

The Eight Kinds of People Who Post on Facebook During #Snowmageddon” — The Huffington Post

“Memories of Long Drives and Falling in Love” — The Mid

“Behind Every Great Man” — “Funny Women” column at The Rumpus

“Haru-Haru” — Creative Nonfiction at Literary Mama

“Snowstorms, Then and Now” — McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Rimmed In Life — River River Literary Journal

“Why I Worry About Twelve” — Brain, Child Magazine

“Say Something Funny” — Rebellious Magazine for Women

Fallen Cone at the Horn of Plenty” — Flash Fiction Contest Winner



Some of my spoken-word performances appear here:


“Make It Snappy” — Three-Word Sentences to Support the Ulster Literacy Association

Woodstock Writers Festival 2015 Story Slam — Finalist

Woodstock Writers Festival 2014 Story Slam — Finalist



As if. B*tch, please.

Some of my most popular blog posts appear here:

This is forty-three

I’m good at panicking. A born natural. I’d been panicking long before Lena Dunham ever thought to pitch twentysomething angst as a TV series. In 1976, I’d been trapped between my grandparents in the front seat of their Chevy Nova, watching my kindergarten graduation corsage wilt in the city’s June humidity, and in the sticky,… [Read More]

You’re a native New Yorker

A blog re-run. For New Yawk. For the seventies. For summ-uh. ******** It was hotter than hell on July 13th, 1977. It had been hotter than hell all day, and the evening dusk brought no relief. But this was how summer worked in New York City. I was about to turn seven, and I already… [Read More]

Riding in cars with boys

His arm grips the headrest on the passenger seat when he turns to back out of your driveway, the one that you should really call to have re-surfaced, and which runs alongside the house you bought together more than ten years ago. You like that feeling of his arm on the headrest, of being protected,… [Read More]

Eighteen Reasons Why I Love My Husband

He’s gonna kill me. But I’m going to publish this list on my blog anyway. What the hell. That’s what you sign up for when you marry a perimenopausal hack. [Click on the youtube video for today's soundtrack.] 1. He is the father of my two children, and whenever they do things that make me… [Read More]