Love List – July 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. So much has been happening — both macro and micro — in my world. I’m guessing that it has in yours as well.

I’ve also been thinking differently about what I write and where I share it. I’d like to say that it’s all part of a strategic, long-range plan to publish several novels and essay collections, but it’s mostly because I’m more tired at night and worn out from news cycles and usually cleaning up other people’s shoes and drinking glasses in various rooms of my house — even though I am writing, just a bit more privately.

Every now and then, however, I crave an old-fashioned WordPress log-on and a tickling of the ivory keyboard, so to speak. I’ve always liked sharing thoughts and ideas and yummy bits with other people, and I’ve always enjoyed writing a list like this to remind me of happy little things in my life — and hopefully, to bring some of them to yours.

So, here’s a list of what I’m loving these days:

10 Percent Happier with Dan HarrisABC news reporter Dan Harris suffered an on-air panic attack several years ago, which prompted him to take stock of his life (NOTE: cocaine, ecstasy and Good Morning America co-hosting don’t mix) — and practice meditation as a way to overcome the trauma he endured as an investigative reporter in an Iraqi military zone. What resulted is a book, podcast and app called 10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics. I’ve been watching the online videos and following the guided meditations that his app offers — and I’m hooked. I had forgotten how meditation, mindful breathing and quiet can all redirect me, and bring a bit more peace and calm to my daily life. My husband has noticed the difference in me as well, in just a few weeks. I even noticed that I’ve been saying “fuck” a lot less. For this native New Yorker, that’s a dramatic change. Dan Harris is a mensch and he’s definitely onto something, and I’ve developed a bit of a nerd crush on him. Check it out for yourselves:

10 Percent Happier

Kosas Lipstick I’m a closet hippie by trade. Fine, maybe not so closeted. I eat organic produce and worry about the environment and I burn incense — and man, do I love me some Super Soul Sundays. That’s not to say that I don’t also enjoy a Jersey gel manicure that lasts three weeks without chipping — because UV what? and chemicals who? and because I’m sick like that. But I came across this brand of lipstick a few months ago, and I’m breathing a little bit easier — because I never leave the house without lipstick, and because I can’t even begin to read all of the ingredients printed on the packaging of that Bobbi Brown lip gloss I’ve been slathering on my faccia for the past twenty years, and which I have undoubtedly consumed in mass quantities while sipping hundreds of Starbucks lattes. So — enter Kosas, which is an organic lipstick brand that stays on my kisser, perks up my face and feels nice on my lips. Kosas has some killer shades of red that I’ve decided are my new signature lips this fall. Yup. SIGNATURE. LIPS. It’s what you do when you’re almost 48. YOU GET SIGNATURE LIPS.  I’m even wearing one of those SIGNATURE LIP shades today (Royal), in honor of Mick Jagger’s 75th birthday. Yeah. It’s like that.

Matcha green tea lattes Coffee and I no longer get along, or so my doctor tells me. It makes me too jittery and keeps me up at night and causes me to crash and burn somewhere around 2 pm. Enter matcha lattes. They allow for my ritual of morning beverage coziness and enable afternoon coffee dates with friends to continue — and I now sleep like a baby most nights. Except when I dream that I’m pregnant with twins, and wake up screaming in a cold sweat.

Look Alive Out There by Sloane Crosley Look, I didn’t want to like her, because she’s basically living the life I want, and because I’m plainly jealous. But I like the way she thinks — and writes. Crosley is a master of one-liners, and an astute observer of things like Brooklyn and existentialism and Hollywood and dead downstairs neighbors, which all makes for fun, fertile reading before I go to bed. A thoughtful, quick read of essays while under the covers.

Michael Palin and Mick Jagger They’re both 75 this year — Palin this past May, and Jagger today. They’re thriving and working and at the top of their game — at seventy-fucking-five. Did you see Palin in “Death of Stalin?” You should. Aren’t the Stones touring again? Of course they are. At 75, my forebears were wearing housecoats and sensible black shoes and falling asleep in church on Sundays. Palin and Jagger are also both adorable in different sorts of ways, and I’ve crushed on them both since I’ve reached the age to develop crushes. Even if Mick does dance a little funny. There’s a Silly Walk connection here somewhere, but I need another matcha latte first.

“Reason To Believe” sung by Karen Dalton  I’ve recently become obsessed with this Billie Holiday-and-Bessie-Smith-like folk and blues singer, born in 1937 in Oklahoma and dying in Woodstock, New York in 1993 at the age of 55. Her voice is haunting and soulful and rich, and I’ve been listening to her album 1966 on repeat. Here’s her cover of: Reason To Believe / Karen Dalton

I’m hoping to be back in August with another Love List. Also — please watch this space for my new website. It will have pictures and videos and clips and stuff about where I’ll be reading or performing — and lots of other jolly good shit.

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