Less is more in 2014



Less social media, more social graces.

Less sugar, more veggies.

Less self-sabotage, more self-preservation.

Less complaining, more breathing.

Less should, more want.

Less snark, more sweetness.

Less snippets, more paragraphs.

Less assholes, more true hearts.

Less screens, more board games.

Less Catholic schoolgirl, more sensual sex goddess.

Less worrying, more laughing.

Less Pop Chips, more mangoes.

Less surfing, more reading.

Less ego, more soul.

Less negative, more positive.

Less cranky, more giddy.

Less regurgitation, more absorption.

Less flirting, more lovemaking.

Less builder’s grade, more build to suit.

Less looking, more seeing.

Less wine, more water. (Sorry, Jesus.)

Less avoidance, more presence.

Less illusion, more substance.

Less answers, more questions.

Less acceptance, more demands.

Less forest, more trees.

Less expectation, more satisfaction.

Less lounging, more running.

Less running, more doing.

Less fear, more bravery.

Less tension, more stretching.

Less talking, more listening.

Less needing, more giving.

Less takeout, more cooking.

Less frazzled, more centered.

Less selfies, more selfishness.

Less twerking, more snuggling.

Less can’t, more can.

Less anger, more love.

Less tea, more coffee. (Some things will never change.)

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  1. Love, love, love this list!! I really want to share it but the picture isn’t coming up for me and I want to share with what I am sure is a gorgeous picture?

  2. My favorite is when people write with heart and thoughtfulness and sneak in some surprising humor. You had me at McSweeney’s and this was just awesome. Happy 2014!

    • Wow, Jean — thank you so much! This is everything for me. This is why I write. To have one other person say that my words affect them. The connection. The laughter. The yes.

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