52 Lists Project // Week 14

(Photo by Morrea Seal — because I don’t have scraps of gold lamé lying around my house)


If it’s Friday, it must be another installment of the 52 Lists Project.

This week’s challenge is to list your childhood dream jobs, and the dream jobs you would like to have — or currently have! — as an adult.

I enjoy blog prompts like this. I love reaching back into childhood, to remember who I was and how I perceived myself and the world at large — and seeing how much of it stuck, and how much morphed into something completely different. And why.

Let’s face it — the real dream job for me would be lying around all day, in a soft, broken-in t-shirt and God knows what else, writing here and there, making out a lot, and standing up in the kitchen while I snack. And then having wine. Doesn’t seem to be anything in the want ads for a job like that. I know. I’ve looked.

This week’s assignment: list your childhood — and current — dream jobs.

Childhood Dream Jobs

  • author — I used to bang out stuff on my father’s typewriter from college, and scribble all over the sleeves of my parents’ record albums. Hmm.
  • playwright
  • TV sitcom writer
  • cast member of “Saturday Night Live” alongside Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman  — my father let me stay up and watch it since its inception in 1975
  • drummer for the greatest rock band in the world
  • lead guitarist for the greatest rock band in the world
  • veterinarian
  • dog keeper at the pound for fluffy puppies
  • candy store owner
  • ice cream shop owner
  • professional bowler — I used to watch “Bowling For Dollars” and the championship on ABC
  • architect
  • chef and restaurant owner
  • a “Price Is Right” model — I loved how they waved their hand so expertly and sensually across a row of canned peas or the door of a Ford Mustang convertible. I wanted that skill.


Current Dream Jobs

  • author
  • Academy Award-winning screenwriter
  • playwright
  • magazine columnist
  • handsomely paid blogger
  • stand-up comedian
  • historical preservationist
  • museum curator
  • New York City historian
  • race car driver
  • massage therapist — sometimes I think I’d like to learn that skill. I’d like to help people heal.
  • baker — just not the waking up at 4 am part.
  • interior designer — for decidedly eccentric and unconventional people. Sister Parrish, I am not.
  • photographer
  • drummer for the greatest rock band in the world
  • Jon Hamm’s kept woman, especially in the manner to which I’m accustomed (that “Mad Men” hotel room scene was both unnerving, and ummm, thought-provoking)
  • momma to two loving, bright, hilarious children — that one, I got already. Thank you, Jesus.
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  1. I love all the overlaps! You’re living your dream, sister!! Minus the handsomely paid part :)

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