New Year’s Resolution #1 for Parents: Have more fun with your kids.

If you’re a parent with young’uns, forget the New Year’s resolutions about flossing more, or cutting out red meat or losing ten pounds. Seriously? Those are just boring, boring resolutions that you shouldn’t even put on paper, for fear that someone will find it and openly mock you for all of 2013. And rightfully so. (Cut out red meat? Honestly. Herbivores are so 2012.)

Instead, might I humbly suggest that you top your resolutions list with “Have more fun with my family”? That’s a lot more do-able, isn’t it? Much more fulfilling to resolve, if you ask me.

I can even tell you a very easy way to cross that puppy right off your list and feel instant accomplishment. If you live in the tristate area, just become a member of Kids Club THIRTEEN! Join Kids Club and you’ll get great benefits like exclusive invites to events throughout the year, discounts at dozens of family-friendly venues, and even an on-air shout-out to your little one for his or her birthday! What better way to have fun with your kids than to explore, learn and laugh?

This month, Kids Club THIRTEEN invites its members to the New York Botanical Garden on Sunday, January 20th for an all aboard adventure with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends! The total Thomas experience includes VIP learning activities and a fun-filled performance starring Thomas and Driver Sam. Capacity for the show is limited, so get your tuchis over to and sign up for Kids Club today!

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