Inspiration Point, July 29th

The Twenties, The Thirties…

Oh, I’m not talking about former foolish decades of my life.  I’m thinking about the Roaring Twenties and the Prohibition-Era Thirties as I consider re-decorating my living room.  Our Tudor Colonial house was built in the late twenties, and I often think about what our house has seen in its lifetime.  

I wish I could get a better photo of this, but the picture above is what remains of a manufacturer’s label on our metal mailbox.  The mailbox is original, and was installed in the brick facade next to the front door.  If you look closely, you can make out a woman in a short ’20s bob, standing at a front door with mail in her hand, trying to read it by the light of a fab-ooo wall sconce.  A housewife, much like this one, listened to the radio in our living room and washed her clothes in the soapstone sink in the basement — the one that I wouldn’t let the contractor throw away and insisted that we re-use as a planter in the garden.  Who lived here?  What did my house look like when it was first built?  Someday, I’ll find a way to track down former owners and amass as many old photos as I can.  


The hubby and I went to see Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” last night and we loved it. The casting, the sets, the lighting, the hairstyles — all evoked ’20s Paris perfectly.  Who wouldn’t want a vintage Peugeot to rumble up and invite you along to sip cocktails and snuggle up to Owen Wilson on a velvet settee in a Paris bistro? Not me, of course, because I’m happily married (ahem), but I’ll take the Peugeot and the cocktail.  And a plane ticket to Paris, while we’re at it.  I’ll also take some decorating ideas that the movie gave me.  Fringed lampshades, anyone?


I’d love to own a sofa like this.  The wood detail, the original velvet upholster with Deco design — ain’t it dreamy?  Perfect for fainting and being dramatic when a gumshoe comes round looking for the loot.


Radiobar Model 507-37-610
Here is the finished RadioBar (open) chassis is a 620. I guess that would make it 1935.

For years, I’ve dreamed about owning a Philco radio bar and displaying it in our living room.  Built in the late 1930s, the Philco had a console radio below and a “secret” swing-out mirrored bar above, complete with glassware and all sorts of neato things for cocktail fixin’.  There’s even a locked cabinet at the side, to keep your top-shelf items if the neighbors get a little heavy-handed with the bourbon.

There was one featured in “Angels with Dirty Faces,” the Jimmy Cagney movie that my father made me watch whenever it played on the Million Dollar Movie.  Top of the world, Ma!


If I’m gonna get retro with my home decor, then I should look like a gun moll, shouldn’t I?  Hubby — take a notice.  These diamond chandelier earrings will do just the trick.

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