Inspiration Point, July 22nd

Another Friday,
another chance to daydream about
little summer indulgences…

The High Line — the stretch of elevated railway built in the 1930s along Manhattan’s westside and which was decommissioned and partially demolished by the 1980s as rail traffic declined — now finding new life as an elevated park. 

Section Two of the project just recently opened in June. Since childhood, I’ve marveled at some of its intricate metalwork while driving past it on the West Side Highway. I’m so proud of New York for finding an economical and green way to save another small part of New York’s history, and make life a little bit better for its residents in the process. Can’t wait to take a stroll on it with my hubby and kiddies this summer!

A recent find from a Facebook friend on etsy…

Blue Heart with White Clouds (Felted Lavender Soap)

Pink Flower ( Felted Lavender Soap )

Handfelted soaps from SoFino that let you relax with lavender scents and exfoliate in the shower all at the same time…I smell a hostess gift!  

Go to and treat yourself to some scrumptiousness…

Comfortable, cute Ilena wedge sandals from CL by Chinese Laundry, which also come in turquoise or hot pink, if you’re so inclined. The perfect reason to have a rockin’ pedicure all summer long, no?

If you’re panting in city heat this summer (I mean from 100-degree temperatures…git yuh mind outta the gutta!), look for a People’s Pops location — fast.  They make yummy popsicles and shave ice from fresh, organic, locally grown fruit. It’s hipsterish. I know. So sue me. But you’ll be thanking me after you have one of these puppies. I mean, pops.  Go to for locations and more info.
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