Inspiration Point

In my big ol’ Irish noggin (ask my mother, it’s true) there’s a mental pinboard…one where I tuck photographs and music and fabrics and postcards and flavors and people and scents that make my heart swell bigger and my soul shine brighter and my little ol’ self happier. Here’s what hangin’ on the board right now…
The music of Carole King or any singer/songwriter from the seventies, wafting from my backyard speakers on a cool summer night
Blue chandelier Vintage Earrings

Vintage chandelier earrings that catch the devious summer sparkle in my blue eyes and make my husband want to brush my newly  long hair away from them

Katharine Ross and her flowy, chocolate-haired self. What girl didn’t want to look like her in the seventies — and get to ride that bicycle with Paul Newman?

Vintage Duraglas Barware Set- Three Piece
Learning to pour my husband the perfect Manhattan with rye whiskey and aromatic bitters because it’s something every woman should know how to do and because I still have Don Draper fantasies and yes, I know I have issues so shut up and have a goddamn drink

Old photos of me, of my husband as a boy, of my family, of anyone, really — tucked here and there throughout the house
Velvet couches in peacock blues and chocolate browns
Battered old metal signs. This one’s over my kitchen sink and gets me to my favorite part of the week, even when it’s Tuesday.

What’s in your noggin, decorating the nooks and crannies?

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