Life List, Revisited

I created this list after my 40th birthday, and to be honest, I’ve been slacking a bit.  What with the child-rearing and the cooking and the cleaning and the elementary school paperwork and diorama-building and all…but as a new year beckons, it’s time to revisit my list. I don’t like calling it “bucket list,” because that’s just, well, creepy.  Especially if you read the bad reviews of the movie with the same title.  But here goes…

What’s on your list?  Share them with me.  I could use some more good ideas!

100 Things To Do Before I Go

(1) Take a cross-country trip across the US with my husband and kids (2) Drive Route 66 (3) Make a quilt out of my kids’ old pjs (4) Have a family portrait taken with my husband and children (while they’re still little, and again when they’re older) (5) Visit my alma mater with my husband and kids, and kiss my husband on SU’s kissing bench (6) Plant a vegetable garden (7) Host a summer dinner party in the backyard, with twinkling lights, mismatched chairs and long tables of friends (8) Make scrapbooks for each of my children (9) Renew my wedding vows with my husband (10) Write a memoir about my childhood (11) Become a talented comedic actress in later life and host SNL at 88 like Betty White (12) Film a documentary about Hoboken (13) Learn to make the perfect piecrust (14) Go camping with the kids (15) Make our home a peaceful sanctuary for my family (16) Visit Cuba and photograph it like crazy (17) Visit Ireland and photograph it like crazy (18) Visit Italy and photograph it like crazy (19) Become an accomplished photographer and show my work someplace (20) Take photos of Madonna shrines — and the people that own them — throughout New York and New Jersey (21) Take my children to Ireland (22) Take my kids to a Yankees game (23) Take my kids to a Mets game (24) Visit every state in the US. Except maybe Alaska (25) Throw a really great block party (26) Visit the California wine country again  (27) Run the New York City marathon (28) Plan a fabulous 40th birthday party for myself (29) Clean out the attic so my kids won’t have to deal with it when I’m gone (30) Buy myself an overwhelmingly expensive piece of jewelry (31) Pretend to have a power outage once a month and be with my family by candlelight (32) Become a published essayist (33) Make a life reading list and finish it (34) Practice yoga (35) Embrace meditation (36) Live in another country for a year (37) Plant bulbs in chaotic groupings all over my yard and forget about it until spring (38) Own a home in Napa Valley (39) Own land in Ireland. And be the first in my family to do so in hundreds of years (40) Become a more dedicated member of the Unitarian Society in our town (41) Be at peace with my past and my parents (42) Do something I absolutely think I can’t do (43) Be sexy again (44) Dye my hair platinum blonde (45) Take my kids to the Grand Canyon (46) Visit the Statue of Liberty and walk up to the torch and the crown (47) Fly a kite with my kids (48) Visit Chicago (49) See the American Southwest (50) Go ice skating again (51) Get my body back into really good shape (52) Learn to play the drums (53) Play the guitar again (54) Learn Gaelic (55) Brush up on my French (56) Build a great wine collection and drink it all with good friends before I go (57) Live to see my children grow up and get married (58) Live to see my children’s children (59) Live to 100 as a vibrant, healthy, wisecracking, elderly woman (60) Own a wonderful apartment in Manhattan (61) Dance in the pouring rain with my kids (62) Visit Niagara Falls and ride the Maid of the Mist (63) Buy my grandparents’ house in Queens Village and make it a thriving community center (64) Have a fantastic anniversary party at 25, 50 and 75 years of marriage (65) Adopt shelter animals (66) Own ridiculously decadent bedding (67) Own ridiculously decadent lingerie (68) Write a weekly column for a local newspaper (69) Earn the enduring respect and love of my children (70) Do stand-up again in New York City (71) Become a voiceover personality (72) Organize all the files on my computer (73) Eat a croissant in a Paris cafe (74) Visit the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay with my family (75) Visit the French Riviera with my family (76) Live in a college town for a year (77) Have a portrait taken with all of my cousins in front of the Brooklyn brownstone that our great-grandfather owned (78) Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (79) Build a strong, loving marriage that spans the years and serves as a model for my own children (80) Read the Bible as a literary text (81) Research my family history (82) Get acupuncture (83) Go sledding with my kids (84) See the inside of my grandparents’ house in Brooklyn one last time (85) Keep my husband glad that he married me (86) Attend a reunion at my Catholic elementary school (87) Attend my high school reunion (88) Take tours of secret places in New York City (89) Go to an SU Big East basketball game (90) See Led Zeppelin in concert (91) See the last two surviving Beatles together on stage (92) Own a piece of Shea and Yankee Stadiums (93) Take a trip someplace far, by myself (94) Age beautifully and gracefully (95) Go on a writers’ retreat (96) Grow my hair really long again (97) Get lasik surgery (98) Get a tattoo (99) Own an old VW bug and have it restored (100) Become known as “the talented comedian Kathleen Harris” before I go

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