Forty Things To Do Before I’m Forty (Oh Lordy)

My 37th birthday is coming up in a few weeks, which means I’m edging ever so much closer to the big “F.” Instead of obsessing about it, I decided to make a list of good things to accomplish before I get there (and distract me from the looming loomness of the Big 4-0 in the process)

1. Document my children’s childhoods in scrapbooks that they can take with them when they grow up and move out.
2. Run a half-marathon. DONE!
3. Commit to a regular exercise program — which means cardio, weight work AND stretching and flexibility. Otherwise, I’m going to be forty and hobbling around like a ninety year old. Like I’m already doing now.
4. Have a formal family portrait taken of my husband, myself and my kids.
5. Take my kids ice skating.
6. Create a memorabilia box for each of my children — and promise not to save every scrap of paper they ever touched so they do not bear the burden of having to throw them away themselves. Or have a fire hazard in their homes.
7. Take vitamins.
8. Maintain my friendships. The older I get, the more precious I realize they are
9. Maintain relationships with my extended family. See #8 for ditto.
10. Commit to drinking eight glasses of water, every day without fail.
11. Take photographs — all the time. Submit some to local artist groups to get feedback. Gulp.
12. Take my kids to a baseball game. Yankees, Mets, farm team. Doesn’t matter.
13. Take a weekend trip — anyplace — with my husband. Without flipping out about leaving the kids with someone else.
14. Visit the California wine country again.
15. Learn how to make a really good pie crust from scratch.
16. De-clutter my house. The home renovation we’re currently undergoing is a really good time to be doing this. How can you spend money on renovating your house and then crap it up all over again? Stick around — I’m sure I’ll figure out a way.
17. Eat Sicilian pizza in my old neighborhood in Queens with my husband and my kids.
18. Have an annual “cousins” reunion with my side of the family. We always have a great time together and we need to keep the fun going!
19. Write an article about my childhood and have it published someplace.
20. Take our kids to Disney World. DONE!
21. Start hosting “Sunday dinner” with family and friends on a regular basis.
22. Make regular appointments with all doctors. I seem to have more of them as I get older. Sigh. DONE!
23. Organize all of our pictures into albums and DVDs.
24. Make a scrapbook about our home renovation.
25. Commit to a once-a-year “mommy getaway.” I don’t care if it’s Bayonne. Someplace where I can be by myself. DONE!
26. Take our kids into New York City regularly. DONE!
27. Eat more vegetables. DONE!
28. Take better care of my skin — get regular facials, continue a skincare regimen religiously, yada yada yada.
29. Read more books.
30. Write our family history down for future generations.
31. Get to a healthy weight and stay within five pounds of that weight.
32. Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. DONE!
33. Plan a great getaway for my 15th wedding anniversary.
34. Have a great Halloween party.
35. Have a great holiday party.
36. Go to the Caribbean for a decadent, boozy, beachy vacation.
37. Wear sunscreen every day on my face and hands.
38. Yell less.
39. Let little things go.
40. Enjoy the hell out of thirty-nine.

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  1. Astoria? Rizzo’s pizza? Even if your pizza and mine are not the same, you and I have much in common.

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